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about me

Denée King


I make a fantastic lemon raspberry cake and a banana pudding that is to die for! If you’re visiting our home that might be all you need to know about me. :-)


I guess I was always the inquisitive kid, the one who asked ‘why’. On one hand, I’m sure my parents were excited that I wasn’t one to just take the answer at face value. On the other hand, I’m sure it was exhausting at times, especially when the questions involved long-held belief systems. 


Why does God love some people and not others?


Some of the questions simply scared my mother to death…


Why can’t I jump off the ‘boy’s diving platform’? Why can’t I go to the edge of the Grand Canyon? Why can’t I date the drummer in the traveling band?


Some were questions I asked myself…


Why can’t I grieve like other people? Why can’t we just focus on the positive? Why would I want to lean into pain when I know it will pass? Why can’t I start all the fabulous business ideas I have and just learn as I go?


When I was introduced to the Enneagram almost 10 years ago I began to find answers to some of my own questions and it was absolutely liberating! I learned I wasn’t broken or heartless but that I process thinking from a different perspective than many others. I realized my ability (see how I put a positive spin on that? :-) to move, with lightning speed, from one great idea to the next didn’t mean I had ADHD or was scatterbrained! All those revelations just meant I was hard-wired for excitement and variety and I could now learn how to grow into the healthiest form of myself. Awareness became my greatest gift. 


I discovered the world of personality types and found a common thread with others who had my same fears and motivations. I learned that we are inherently perfect but we have somehow lost that message along life’s paths. And I discovered that learning the way other types process thoughts and emotions has helped me bridge the language barrier. That’s really what our ‘type’ is: it’s our native language. But trying to have relationship with those who speak a different language requires effort and a lot of love. This is the true beauty of the Enneagram. It’s a tool to help us know ourselves and, in doing so, we can know others…to love ourselves so we can share love with others.